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Cosmetic Dental Treatment e-Book Download

posted on the December 23, 2014 by

FREE e-Book Download: Why consider cosmetic dental treatment Learn more about our cosmetic dental treatments. 3 easy steps: 1. Provide your First, Last Name and Email Address 2. Check your inbox for our email with the Download Link 3. Download your FREE e-Book! Name* FirstLast Email* Phone Name This field is for validation purposes and should […]


2 treatment options for your Edmonton TMJ pain

posted on the December 19, 2014 by

2 treatment options for your Edmonton TMJ pain TMJ pain can be difficult to bear. By some estimates, more than 50 million people in Canada and the U.S. suffer from severe headaches, a common symptom of this jaw joint disorder. Other TMJ symptoms are: Dizziness Jaw joint stiffness Ear aches Ringing in the ears Teeth that do not touch […]


Can crooked teeth lead to Edmonton bite and jaw problems?

posted on the December 12, 2014 by

Crooked teeth can get in the way of more than your smile When you have crooked teeth, they can be an embarrassment. You may find yourself hiding from the camera or tucking away your smile. While this is a concern in itself, poorly aligned teeth can cause other issues as well. Crooked teeth can impact […]


Ways your jaw joint could be affecting your body in Edmonton

posted on the December 5, 2014 by

3 ways your jaw joint could be affecting the rest of your body in Edmonton If you are struggling with a TMJ disorder, you know that the problem revolves around your temporomandibular joint. This vital hinge connects the upper and lower jaw. When everything is in order, it will move with a seamless flow when […]

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Awake at night in Edmonton

posted on the November 21, 2014 by

My teeth could be keeping me awake at night in Edmonton? Have you had trouble sleeping and feel like it’s been going on for too long? Does your partner tell you that you’re snoring up a storm, causing quite a ruckus, and keeping the both of you awake at night? If you never fall into a deep […]

Do you have Sleep Apnea Edmonton?

posted on the November 14, 2014 by

Fatigue, nightly breathing problems, and snoring? Edmonton, you may have sleep apnea Do you find yourself tossing and turning through the night? Are you dragging your feet day after day, overwhelmed by a fatigue that you just can’t shake? If your partner tells you your snoring is bringing down the house or you find yourself […]

The Importance of Sleep in Edmonton

posted on the November 7, 2014 by

3 reasons sleep is a lot more important than you think If you are like so many others, you may be taking a good night’s rest for granted, but the importance of sleep cannot be denied. When you don’t or can’t sleep well on a regular basis, you may face problems down the line. In in fact, your […]

Your Child's First Visit to the Edmonton Dentist

posted on the November 6, 2014 by

When should your children start visiting the dentist in Edmonton? Visiting a dentist can be scary for young children, but it doesn’t have to be. The fear children have of dentists often comes from never seeing a dentist until there is a problem with their teeth. If a child’s first dental visit is routine and […]