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Effects of a Bad Bite

3 surprising effects of a bad bite

effects of a bad bite, edmontonIf you have a misaligned bite, you may think nothing of it. However, a bad bite can have a negative impact on your health. Your jaw joint is complex and, in order to function smoothly, it needs to be properly aligned with you teeth resting against each other in such a way as to keep it balanced. Problems with your bite can be the result of a number of factors, including:

What’s the problem with a bad bite?

Whether the problem originates in your jaw joint or is due to an issue with your teeth,  a bad bite can cause some surprising problems.

  1. While jaw pain is to be expected, chronic headaches can also stem from your bite.
  2. Ear ringing is another common problem suffered by those who have troubles with the placement of their teeth. Not only is this a bothersome problem, it can affect your concentration and quality of rest.
  3. Muscle stiffness can also be caused a bad bite. Stiffness can be found in the jaw, neck, shoulders, and back.

It is hard to believe that your jaw could be to blame for so many problems. We invite you to take a closer look at your jaw and TMJ disorders.

Understanding TMJ disorders

Your jaw is misaligned when your upper and lower teeth meet incorrectly. When this occurs, your jaw muscles must work extra hard as they struggle against the joint to chew, eat and talk effectively. When they tire, they call on the surrounding muscles – those of the head, face, neck and shoulders – to help out.

Eventually, as these these muscles fatigue and, as they become strained and inflamed, they put pressure on surrounding nerves, sending pain signals to your brain

Learn more

TMJ is a complex disorder that can cause painful symptoms in seemingly unrelated areas of your body. If you would like to learn more about TMJ, please download my free e-book.

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