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Gaps Between Teeth

2 ways to get rid of a gap between your teeth

fix gaps between teeth, edmontonIf you have been hiding your smile and avoiding pictures because of an unsightly space between your teeth, you can do something about it. There are dental treatments that can give you a more beautiful smile. With cosmetic dental procedures such as dental veneers or dental bonding, you can get rid of spaces between teeth.

1. Dental veneers

When you opt for veneers to deal with spaces that are found between your teeth, your dentist will apply porcelain or resin shells to the surface of your teeth. These medical-grade shells closely resemble your own teeth and are quite durable. They are tailored to fit your mouth and match your other teeth.

2. Dental bonding

If you choose dental bonding, a type of durable plastic, or resin, is applied to your teeth. It can fill in spaces and is coloured and shaped to match your natural teeth. Once your dentist is satisfied with the appearance of the bonding, it is hardened through the use of a light intended for such purposes.

From that point, the bonded tooth will be trimmed and polished to match your other teeth.  Dental bonding typically costs less than veneers. However, bonding may not be as durable, requiring you to have the procedure repeated in the future.

Why improve your smile?

  1. More confidence: Just as you invest in clothes, shoes, or specialized skin care, a cosmetic dental treatment can help your feel better about your looks and assist you in stepping out with a confidence boosting positive self image.
  2. Better health: Gaps between your teeth can be harder to clean, potentially leading to decay or infection. Filling in gaps can help you protect your oral health.

Learn more about cosmetic dentistry

If you have chips, gaps cracks and staining, cosmetic dental treatments could be for you. If you would like to learn more about how dental veneers, bonding or other cosmetic treatments could help you, please come in for an evaluation.

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