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Lasers and Edmonton dentistry

4 ways lasers are used in dentistry in Edmonton

Oral health, cosmetic dental treatment, Edmonton dentistWhat do gum disease, oral surgery, gum contouring and teeth whitening all have in common? Each of these are individual dental treatments or cosmetic procedures that often require you to give up a considerable amount of your precious time. Modern dentistry is changing that, however, by employing high tech dental lasers that help to provide a quick, hygienic treatment for many procedures. Here is some general information about lasers and four common ways they are used in dentistry today.

What is a dental laser?

A laser is a form of light energy harnessed into a specific single frequency and wavelength. The ability to focus light energy provides an efficient way for dentists to cut with incredible precision. Because lasers simultaneously seal tiny blood vessels and nerve endings while eliminating more bacteria in the mouth,  laser technology may provide:

  • less bleeding and pain during the procedure
  • faster healing
  • reduced risk of infection
  • less downtime

What four ways are they used in dentistry?

1. Gum Disease Treatment

Some dental lasers are designed to cut or vaporize soft tissue, rather than bone or teeth. These soft tissue lasers are used specifically to target and obliterate diseased gum tissue and bacteria while carefully preserving surrounding healthy tissue.

2. Oral surgery

Dental lasers are used in oral surgery, because whether they are used to sterilize root canals, treat impacted teeth, obtain a biopsy or remove a canker sore, patients typically experience reduced pain and require less anesthesia.

3. Gum reshaping and contouring

Some patients with overly gummy smiles want a cosmetic dental treatment to remove, contour or reshape the gum tissue to enhance their smile. Lasers do this while reducing bleeding, discomfort and downtime to the patient.

4. Tooth whitening

Dental lasers enhance teeth whitening procedures by activating the peroxide bleach solution, enabling your dentist to achieve a bright, white smile.

How can you learn more?

Contact your Edmonton dentist to schedule a consultation and learn more about out how lasers may be used in your next dental treatment.

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