How Do I Brush My Baby’s Teeth?

How Do I Brush My Baby’s Teeth?

July 18, 2016 Baby & Toddler Oral Care

This week we’re covering another question I often hear in my Edmonton dental clinic; how should I brush my baby’s teeth?

The answer depends on their age.

For newborn babies until their first tooth erupts, babies should have their mouth gently wiped clean. These are the steps I recommend to ensure your baby’s oral health:

Step 1:  An adult should gently seat the baby on their lap.

Step 2: Dip a soft cloth or piece of clean gauze into some fresh, clean, lukewarm water (be careful with the temperature as a baby’s skin and gums are very sensitive).

Step 3: Wrap the moistened cloth around your clean index finger. Take your finger and the moistened cloth and wipe all the way around the baby’s gums on top and on the bottom, the roof of the mouth, the cheeks and their tongue.

Remember, babies don’t have cavity causing bacteria in their mouth when they are born. Those bacteria develop as they grow.  Limit contact with bacteria from your mouth to your baby’s mouth. I’m not suggesting you stop kissing your baby, but I have seen parents pick up a dropped pacifier, lick the pacifier or use their saliva to “clean” the pacifier, then pop it in their child’s mouth. A few extra moments to properly wash toys, pacifiers and your hands will ensure your baby has a clean and healthy mouth.

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