Dental Bridges Overview

Dental Bridges Overview

February 14, 2017 Dental Bridges

Everyone knows that if they are missing front teeth, a dental bridge will give them back their smile. But often, people do not consider what happens if they lose a back tooth and do not have it replaced. The thing is, with every single tooth that you lose, you lose approximately 10% of your chewing ability. This can mean a bad bite, since remaining teeth are going to try to fill in the empty spaces. Decay, gum disease, and other complications can occur. This is why your dentist recommends replacing any missing teeth, whether or not the gaps are affecting your appearance. Fixed dental bridges can be one way of replacing missing teeth.

Different Methods of Replacing Missing Teeth

A fixed bridge is just one possibility. You could also go with dental implants, a removable bridge (for front teeth), or dentures. Fixed bridges are proven to last a long time, but they can be more costly than other methods, and if you have one to replace missing back teeth, you will still have to be vigilant about cleaning.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fixed Dental Bridges

As stated, fixed bridges can be hard to clean, but they will last a long time. To have a fixed bridge installed, it will be necessary to prepare an adjacent tooth (or teeth) to receive an abutment (a support for the fixed bridge). This means removing a bit of the tooth enamel to accommodate the abutment. So, in other words, you will be taking enamel away from a tooth that might not have previously been damaged in any way.

Fixed dental bridges can be used to replace a single tooth, or several teeth. To create a dental bridge, your dentist will take impressions of your mouth, and send them to a lab where your bridge will be made. While the lab is working on your permanent bridge, your Edmonton dentist will provide you with a temporary bridge so that you will be able to chew and bite properly. The permanent bridge will give you back full functionality and appearance. The potential disadvantage to permanent dental bridges is that once they are cemented in place, they can be difficult, if not impossible to remove.

Caring for Dental Bridges

What this means is that you will have to commit to taking care of your dental bridge. Your dentist will show you how to properly clean your bridge, and will want to see you regularly for checkups to ensure that your oral health remains good.

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