Benefits of Root Canals

Benefits of Root Canals

March 2, 2017 Root Canals

Perhaps no dental treatment is so misunderstood as the root canal. Though we are going to briefly look at the many benefits of root canals, we should also point out one significant truth about them first. What is that truth? They are no more complex or uncomfortable than the average dental filling. Yet, their benefits go far beyond that. At Sana Dental in Edmonton, AB, we encourage all patients to take some time and discover what is to be gained from this form of restorative dentistry and endodontics.

Endodontics 101

Perhaps it is better to explain the benefits of root canals, by first explaining endodontics. This is the area of dentistry that focuses on issues relating to the dental pulp. Since this is what root canals treat, it is a therapy done by an endodontist. The root canal is done when the pulp is infected and when the tooth is at risk for being lost to serious decay.

As your dentist in Edmonton, we will recommend this treatment to save the tooth, which is one of the key benefits of root canals – it spares a tooth that would otherwise decay to the point where extraction would be necessary.

Not only do root canals enable you to retain an adult tooth and avoid the many risks that extraction brings (such as shifting of neighboring teeth, changes to the healthy bite, and further damage and decay), but they also:

  • End pain
  • Restore the tooth to its full function
  • Protect surrounding teeth from uneven wear caused when you avoided using the infected tooth

These are but some benefits to be gained from root canals.

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