Benefits of Dentures

Benefits of Dentures

March 15, 2017 Dentures

If there is any upside to the loss of natural, adult teeth it is that dentures are an option for treatment. A long-standing approach to restorative dentistry, they are custom-made to the patient’s needs, and can include partials or full dental plates. Because some outdated ideas about dentures still exist, we encourage our patients at Sana Dental in Edmonton, AB to familiarize themselves with the benefits of dentures as a solution to tooth loss.

Dentures and Restorative Dentistry

A dentures dentist is someone who can help you restore your bite and your mouth to its fullest function through the use of a wide array of treatments and options. When you have suffered the loss of one or more teeth, choices such as implants, bridges and dentures are the most obvious. What is not so obvious is which is right for you. The first step is to visit us. As your dentist in Edmonton, we are going to assess your condition and situation and then steer you towards the ideal answers.

If we suggest dentures, the first step is to avoid feeling frustrated or upset by this, because today’s dentures are nothing like those of decades earlier. This is actually one of the benefits of dentures, but there are others. They include:

They look entirely natural

Designed to match your remaining tooth color and your facial structure, today’s dentures are remarkably realistic and no one will know you have them.

They fit flawlessly

Modern technology enables us to make dentures that do not slip or fall out.

They let you speak, eat and look like yourself

Perhaps one of the nicest benefits of dentures is their impact on quality of life.

They can be used in many ways

Full or partial dentures, implant supported dentures and other options are available.

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