Inlays and Onlays Overview

Inlays and Onlays Overview

April 3, 2017 Inlays and Onlays

Restorative dentistry is the area of dentistry that focuses in on repairing and restoring individual teeth in addition to making your mouth as functional as possible. This is why it includes so many different procedures and treatments. Among them are the treatments known as inlays and onlays, and at Sana Dental in Edmonton, AB, we encourage our patients to find out more about these options. Similar to traditional dental fillings received from a restorative dentist, they are often described as the next level in restoration.

Understanding Inlays and Onlays

To better understand inlays or onlays, you should first know a few things about the tooth. Your tooth features the roots and the crown. The crown is the part you use for biting and chewing. On top of every tooth are the “cusps”. These are the raised peaks of the tooth, and it is this upper area of the tooth where inlays and onlays are placed.

However, they are going to actually replace the area of a tooth that has been removed or lost to trauma or decay. So, if you come to us as your dentist in Edmonton, and you are a candidate for a filling, we might also offer you the option for inlays and onlays.

They are both made of tooth-colored porcelain and will restore your tooth while also offering a cosmetically appealing finish.

Inlays sound as their name describes and they are placed within the cusps, that hollow or indented area of the tooth. The onlays do a bit more and include the cusps as well, essentially replacing the uppermost area of the tooth.

Either is an ideal replacement for a traditional filling and both are part of modern restorative dentistry solutions.

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