Dental Implants Aftercare

Dental Implants Aftercare

June 20, 2017 Dental Implants

Dental implants and implant dentistry are a completely fascinating area of modern restorative dentistry. Allowing the team at Sana Dental in Edmonton, AB to replace the entire tooth – roots and crown – implant dentistry ensures you can enjoy the fullest use of a new tooth over the long term. As your trusted dentist in Edmonton, though, we do encourage you to learn all about proper dental implants aftercare before obtaining the treatment.

Several Steps in Dental Implants Aftercare

When you obtain dental implants, it means you are having a surgical procedure. The post is implanted in the bone and gum tissue. It will receive a temporary crown that you can use while the post heals. This is known as osseointegration and it can take several months to complete. Your implant dentist monitors your progress, and when the healing is done, a new and permanent crown is placed.

You can help support healing by using proper dental implants aftercare that occurs in a few steps or stages. The first step of dental implants aftercare is in the days after your surgery. You will experience some swelling and tenderness for the first few days and need to be very careful about prodding the implant with your tongue. You must also use great care when doing oral hygiene, avoiding flossing that area for a week. Eating soft foods and avoiding hot beverages is also a good thing to do.

Once the initial swelling is done, your dental implants aftercare shifts into the second phase, which is the longer osseointegration period. Never missing an exam is key, and ensures everything goes smoothly.

The final part of the process is once your healing is done and your new crown is in place. Though the tooth is artificial, you still must do regular oral hygiene that includes brushing and flossing. Getting regular exams and cleanings also ensures your gum and jaw are in decent shape, too.

Questions About Dental Implants Aftercare? Speak with Our Dentist

A dental implant is an impressive technology, but does require aftercare. If you are interested in learning more about it, feel free to give us a call at Sana Dental at our Edmonton, AB office at 1-780-476-3391. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.

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