Dentures Aftercare

Dentures Aftercare

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It can be upsetting to learn you may lose one or all your adult teeth, but there are many different issues that can lead to this outcome. A very common solution to tooth loss is the use of dentures (as partial or full dentures), and though they are artificial teeth, you must still know about the best forms of dentures aftercare. At Sana Dental in Edmonton, AB we always review the steps our patients must take after receiving this form of restorative dentistry, and so we will briefly review them here, too.

Some Basic Dentures Aftercare

As your dentist in Edmonton, we will supply you with dentures to ensure you enjoy the fullest use of your mouth. Therefore, dentures are described as restorative dentistry. Our dentures specialist will review the options open to you and once your treatment plan is developed, will work with you to explain the right dentures aftercare procedures.

Like other dental treatments, this involves a few “phases”. There is some essential dentures aftercare immediately after you receive them. This involves wearing them for the first 24 hours to acclimate the gums and mouth and then removing them on the second night before bed. It also means taking diligent care of the gums and remaining teeth, letting us know immediately of discomfort, pain or other issues.

The next phase of dentures aftercare could be described as the ongoing phase. This involves your new oral hygiene routines, your care of your dentures, and your visits to our office. You will still need to brush or floss remaining teeth as well as cleaning your gums. You will need to learn how to care for the dentures, cleaning them each night, and when to discuss replacing them with our team.

Your dentures allow you to look, speak and eat like before and are a very effective option in restorative dentistry. They are going to be much more successful, though, if you know proper aftercare.

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