How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

September 4, 2017 Dental Emergency

It can happen at any time. You are involved in a sporting game, or you are in an automobile accident. You suffer trauma to the face, which can cause a major dental emergency. Do you know how to seek emergency dental care? Do you know what options are available to you? Could the accident have been prevented? Our Edmonton dentist wants you to know the best ways to prevent dental emergencies. Read below to find out more, and take precautions into your own hands for the safety of your mouth.

Wear Protection During Sports

If you are involved in any sport, but especially a contact sport, you will want to invest in a mouth guard to protect you from any chances of impact. That way, if you are hit in the mouth by a ball or a person falling on top of you, you have an extra layer of protection to keep you from hurting yourself.

Schedule Regular Checkups

Seeing your general dentist is a good way to prevent dental emergencies. Regular checkups can let you know whether you have anything to worry about in your mouth, whether it be cavities, oral cancer, or gum disease. Protecting your teeth for the long run can prevent dental emergencies from happening at the most inconvenient time.

Do Not Open Objects with Teeth

You may be tempted to use your teeth to open a bottle or a bag wrapper. This is dangerous because you never know when the moment will come where you pull too hard or cause a chip or crack in your teeth. You can prevent a dental emergency by avoiding using your teeth for things they were not intended to be used for.

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