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The Importance of Sleep in Edmonton

3 reasons sleep is a lot more important than you think

The Importance of Sleep, Edmonton DentistIf you are like so many others, you may be taking a good night’s rest for granted, but the importance of sleep cannot be denied. When you don’t or can’t sleep well on a regular basis, you may face problems down the line. In in fact, your tossing and turning through the night could be an indicator of underlying health issues.

Sleep is not an indulgence. It’s a necessity for your physical, emotional, and mental health. Here are three reasons why healthy sleep is essential.

Lack of sleep could cause health problems

How you sleep can have an impact on your health. If you are struggling with sleep apnea, snoring, or other issues that are getting in the way of a good night’s rest, you could end up facing other health issues. Loss of sleep often causes more than fatigue, especially when it is due to sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is due to a blockage of air flow at night that causes brief moments when you stop breathing. This robs your body of oxygen during the night, putting a strain on your heart. The result could be an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

Sleep problems could mean trouble for your relationship

If sleep apnea and snoring are your constant companion, it could be the root of relationship problems as well. Whether your snoring is causing a racket that keeps your partner up, or your temper is short because you aren’t sleeping well, a good night’s sleep is a critical component of a good relationship because relationships take energy.

Loss of sleep could affect your job performance

Employers recognize the importance of sleep when they see what an impact it can have in the work place. People who don’t sleep well experience memory problems, have difficulty concentrating and are more likely to have accidents. Fatigue can keep you from doing your best. You may also find yourself being more irritated with others on a daily basis.

What’s causing your sleep problem?

If you find yourself struggling with chronic sleep loss due to sleep apnea or snoring, we recommend seeing a sleep doctor or an Edmonton dentist who specializes in sleep disorders to find answers about your condition. There are devices that can help you to rest easy again.

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