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Things That Could be Causing Your Migraines

3 things that could be causing your migraines

Headache causes, edmonton dentistIf you suffer from chronic migraines, there’s a good chance you will do anything to make them stop. Migraines can be truly debilitating, stopping you in your tracks. When one hits, there’s often nothing you can do except find a dark place to go lie down as you wait for the nausea and throbbing pain in your head to pass.

While you may have visited a migraine specialist and have medication to ease your symptoms,getting to the sources of your pain may take a little work on your part. Steer clear of these common causes of migraines and you may be able to avoid the pain.

1. Your diet could be hurting you more than you know

Believe it or not, certain foods could be triggering your nasty bouts with migraines. Aged cheese, caffeine, and alcohol have all been found to be possible culprits that cause migraine pain. Processed meats that contain high levels of nitrates are often triggers as well.

You may also find that bananas, cold foods such as ice cream, an chocolate could cause your next round with a migraine. Keep a food journal and note if you have an episode after eating these foods. Eliminate or limit them to discover if it makes a difference.

2. Weather changes could wreak havoc with your head

You may find that the weather is not your friend when it comes to your migraines. Step out into a bright, sunny day and a severe headache could soon follow. Fluctuations in air pressure and temperature could make a difference as well. When it is excessively dry or humid, don’t be surprised if you suffer your next migraine.

While you cannot control the weather, you can take precautionary methods. Remember to wear your sunglasses. Stay inside during the hottest most humid of days. Keep the environment in your home and office controlled. It may help.

3. Your jaw could be to blame

If you find that food and weather don’t seem to be the problem, it could be your jaw. TMJ headaches are the result of a problem with your bite or a misaligned temporomandibular joint. This joint is the connection between the upper and lower jaw. When it becomes strained or inflammation occurs, pain can travel to your head as the nerves associated with this joint become compressed.


Try TMJ dental treatment options

See your dentist about TMJ dental treatment options. TMJ orthotics, orthodontics to fix crooked teeth, dental bonding to repair worn teeth, and full mouth construction are only a few of your alternatives. Physical therapy or massage therapy could be helpful as well.

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