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Toothache Pain

What your toothache is trying to tell you

If you have experienced toothache pain, you know how excruciating a toothache can be. A toothache signals a potential problem with your teeth or gums. A dental visit should be scheduled as soon as possible to determine the cause of your pain and to find a toothache cure. Prompt attention from your dentist may prevent irreversible damage to your teeth.

Pay attention to pain

Pain can signal decay or a cavity in your tooth. When decay sets in and is not treated promptly, it may damage the tooth and the neighbouring teeth as well. A cavity treated early by your dentist may be able to be filled which will help to prevent further damage. Decay or a cavity that is in advanced stages may require your tooth be extracted or removed.

Don’t dismiss bleeding

Gum disease in the early stages is not likely to be painful. Without dental treatment, disease in your gums may become worse rapidly and cause extreme pain. Bleeding gums or swollen areas can signal gum disease and a visit to your dentist can determine if you have gum disease and how advanced it is. Working with your dentist to develop a plan to slow the progression can be beneficial to your oral health and potentially prevent other problems associated with gum disease.

Watch for wear

Grinding your teeth at night or during the day may cause your teeth to hurt, as over time it is likely to cause damage. The damage can range from nearly invisible cracks to broken teeth and possibly wearing your teeth down. If your teeth change shape or wear from the grinding, this may throw your bite out of alignment and may cause jaw pain as well. Teeth grinding can cause toothache pain if damage has occurred or a nerve is exposed from breakage or cracks. You may need your damaged tooth extracted or removed if the damage is severe.

Listen to your teeth

Consulting with a professional can help you find a toothache cure and help you develop health oral habits to preserve and maintain your dental health. If you need dental care, please come in for a consultation.

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