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Treatment options for Edmonton headaches

A treatment option for Edmonton headaches you may not have thought of

tmj headache, edmonton dentistIf you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, you know how painful, disruptive and debilitating they can be. For many people, a headache is a random, infrequent event simply caused by stress, fatigue or eating foods that disagree with you. For others, headaches are a common occurrence. Frequent headaches can have a variety of causes and could be a symptom of an underlying health problem. That’s why it’s a good idea to seek medical advice if you suffer from frequent or chronic headaches.

Headaches can be caused by a jaw joint disorder

A disorder with the way your jaw functions can cause headaches. Your jaw joint is one of the most complex joints in your body – an intricate system of muscles, ligaments, nerves and bone. When there is a problem with this joint, such as a misaligned bite, the jaw joint is put under a great deal of stress. This stress can cause the muscles that work your jaw to contract and tense up. Tight jaw muscles can become inflamed, putting pressure on the nerves that affect your face and head. Because of this pressure on your facial nerves, headache pain which may also cause nausea and sensitivity to light, can result. TMJ headaches are often misdiagnosed as a sinus, tension, migraine, or cluster headache.

Dental treatment to realign your bite can bring relief

If you have tried other headache cures or treatments without success, you may be looking in the wrong place. Your Edmonton dentist may be able to help you resolve your headache pain by taking a neuromuscular approach. This simply means considering the impact a misaligned bite can have on your whole body. Realigning the bite to position the jaw and surrounding muscles in their optimal position, can relieve the painful symptoms of a TMJ disorder.

From something simple as a dental orthotic that shifts your bite into proper alignment, to dental restorations to repair broken, damaged decayed or missing teeth that may be causing a misalignment in your bite, dental treatment could be a treatment option to look into when seeking a headache cure.

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Because chronic headaches can be the result of an underlying medical issue, we recommend you seek health care advice from all avenues. This includes seeing your family doctor, seeking help from a headache specialist, and checking in with your Edmonton dentist to make sure your teeth and oral health are not causing the problem.


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