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Treatment options for TMJ

What are the best treatment options for TMJ?

tmj treatment options, edmontonIf you are suffering from a TMJ disorder, it can cause a wide range of troubling symptoms. A TMJ disorder is the result of a problem with the joint that acts as the vital hinge for both parts of the jaw.

When all is in order, your jaw will work easily and cause no pain. However, when the joint is strained, inflamed, or out of alignment, there can be numerous effects.

In addition to dealing with pain and swelling in the jaw, migraines, earaches, shoulder pain, and back pain are common as well.

Fortunately, there are treatment options to help you resolve the problem.


When it comes to resolving issues with your temporomandibular joint, the occlusal orthotic, or bite splint, is one of the most common treatments. It’s a simple, non-surgical solution that is tailored to your mouth. It is a mouth guard that can correct your bite and avoid additional strain to your jaw during the night.

Full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction involves the restoration of all of your teeth on the bottom, upper or both parts of the jaw. This process could entail several dental procedures. Dental implants, bonding, and veneers are all dental treatment options that can be used to correct problems with your teeth.

They can address imperfections that result in an improper bite. When your teeth are formed properly and in good shape, they will rest on each other in the appropriate way. The end result can be a bite that is no longer misaligned. As an added benefit, your teeth may look more attractive as well.

Turn to your dentist for help

In order to find answers for your TMJ disorder, seek professional advice from your dentist to discover the best treatment option for you. Through a physical examination, occlusal or bite analysis, and the use of the latest in imagery, your dentist will work to discover the root of your TMJ disorder.

Once you have an accurate diagnosis, you’ll be able to move forward and determine a plan of action. Edmonton dentist, Dr. Pavlenko can help you with this.

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