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Unhappy with your gummy Edmonton smile

Unhappy with your gummy Edmonton smile? Here’s an option for you

 laser gum recontouring, teeth too short, gum disease, Edmonton dentistThere are many dental issues that detract from a smile, including those where an individual has too much or too little gum-to-teeth ratio. This is commonly referred to as a gummy smile.

In some cases, the teeth are simply too short, but the gum tissue is still healthy. Others, however, may have receding gums due to periodontitis, an advanced phase of gum disease. If you are concerned about your gums and how they are affecting your smile, then you may be interested to learn about about laser gum recontouring and how it can help correct receding gums.

What is laser gum recontouring?

Laser gum recontouring utilizes dental lasers to remove diseased gum tissue, and reshape and cauterize your gums to stop bleeding without the need for more invasive surgery or sutures.

What are the benefits of dental lasers?

The benefits over lasers over traditional surgery can include:

  • A shorter procedure
  • Little or no need for anesthesia during treatment
  • Faster healing
  • A reduced risk of infection

Are there any disadvantages?

There are two key things to note when considering laser gum recontouring. The first is to make sure you ask about your dentist’s expertise in the use of dental laser treatments to make sure that you get the best care and avoid any risk of damage to your healthy gum tissue. The only other disadvantage is the cost, as it is considerably more expensive than traditional surgery.

Is everyone a candidate for this treatment?

Your dentist will need to examine your mouth, teeth and gums to determine whether this treatment is the best option for your situation, but most patients who have receding gums or an overly gummy smile are good candidates for laser gum recontouring.

Where can you learn more?

If you want to learn more about dental lasers, your best bet is to schedule a consultation with your Edmonton dentist. 

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