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Ways to replace a missing tooth

What’s the healthiest and most effective way to replace a tooth?

Healthies way to replace a missing tooth, edmonton dentistWhen you lose one of your permanent teeth, it can have an impact on more than your appearance. A missing tooth can impact your oral health as well.

  • Gum infections can be more common in people with missing teeth as they spaces and gaps they leave become harder to keep clean.
  • These spaces can also causes the surrounding teeth to shift, leading to a misaligned bite as associated TMJ problems.

Keeping your mouth full teeth is your best bet for good oral health, but, if you are missing teeth, what’s the best way to replace them?

Implants are a popular trend

When it comes to your oral health and avoiding problems due to missing teeth, implants are one of the most popular alternatives at the present. An implant offers you a permanent replacement for your missing tooth. The dental implant process begins with a titanium post that’s implanted in your jaw bone where the missing tooth once was. Once the healing process is complete, a dental crown will be placed on the end of the post. The crown will be created to match your existing teeth.

A benefit of implants is the fact that your other teeth will not need to be altered in order to accommodate your implant. An adequate amount of bone is necessary for this to be successful, as well as healthy gums. If you have serious health conditions, you may not be a candidate.

Bridges and dentures as the traditional treatment

Many patients opt for bridges or dentures to replace missing teeth. Bridges involve having a false tooth that is attached to two crowns that are affixed to surrounding teeth. They can be permanently secured or removable.

Dentures another traditional method of replacing missing teeth. Dentures come in a lot of shapes and sizes these days and can be used to treat a wide variety of missing teeth problems.

Which treatment is best for you?

The best way to avoid oral health problems due to missing teeth and make sure you choose the right tooth replacement option is to make an appointment with your dentist. Discuss your options with your dentist to choose the best treatment to preserve your oral health and your smile.

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