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Ways your jaw joint could be affecting your body in Edmonton

3 ways your jaw joint could be affecting the rest of your body in Edmonton

TMJ disorder, muscle pain, Edmonton dentistIf you are struggling with a TMJ disorder, you know that the problem revolves around your temporomandibular joint. This vital hinge connects the upper and lower jaw. When everything is in order, it will move with a seamless flow when you talk, eat, or yawn. However, if there is inflammation, strain, or the jaw is out of alignment, it can lead to discomfort. You could find yourself struggling with more than pain, swelling, and tenderness in your jaw.

How a TMJ disorder can cause referred trouble

When you have a TMJ disorder, the nerves in your jaw can be affected. If this is the case, pain can radiate to your ears, causing chronic earaches and ear ringing. You can also find yourself the victim of headaches and migraines. A TMJ disorder can even cause muscle pain throughout your body as you adjust the way you hold your head in order to compensate for the jaw disorder.

Dental treatment options can resolve TMJ issues

In order to deal with your TMJ disorder, you need professional help. Surprisingly, your Edmonton dentist can help. Through a combination of a physical examination and medical imagery, he or she can diagnose what is causing your TMJ disorder. From that point, it will be possible to choose the a treatment plan designed to tackle your symptoms.

Something as simple as a mouth guard worn at night could help resolve your discomfort. Tooth restoration can help treat problems with your bite. Veneers, dental bonding, and crowns are restorative dental treatments that can be used tobring your jaw back into alignment.

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Book a consultation with your Edmonton dentist to discuss your TMJ disorder. Together, you will be able to correctly diagnose the source of your disorder, find treatment alternatives, and finally get the relief that you seek.

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