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Your child's oral health

The secret to your child’s good oral health

your child’s good oral health, edmonton dentistIf you have a child, you know how important it is to take care of his or her teeth. These efforts need to start as early as possible to lead to a lifetime of good oral health. There are a variety of simple tips that you can follow from infancy on up that will keep your child’s mouth in tiptop shape.

Be proactive and you can prevent problems down the line, ensuring your child will flash those pearly whites and smile often.

Good oral health starts young

It begins in infancy when you wipe your child’s gums off after every bottle feeding and avoid leaving the bottle in your baby’s mouth at night.

Steer clear of sugary drinks that can rot an infant’s teeth. As your child switches to solid food, make healthy choices for your child. As your child enters the toddler stage, eating fresh produce, drinking water, and enjoying milk are all beneficial for oral health.

You also need to start those good brushing and flossing habits right away, teaching your child to brush carefully after every meal.

Start visiting the dentist early

In order to ensure your child has healthy teeth, you should begin regular visits to the dentist in the toddler years. Not only will your little one become accustomed to the dentist, it will be possible to nip and problems in the bud.

Ask your dentist about dental sealants as an excellent way to provide an additional layer of protection to those teeth that are hard to reach in the back. Learn various ways to help your child to take care of his or her teeth at home as well.

Healthy teeth mean a happy child

If you have a child and want to do everything possible to protect his or her teeth, keep regular appointments with your Edmonton dentist. You want your child to see the dentist as a good friend, a partner in keeping teeth healthy and strong.

The dentist will perform an initial examination, determine if any corrective treatments are necessary, and provide you with advice about how to protect your child’s oral health. With twice annual visits and daily care at home, your child will have a great start on keeping his or her teeth healthy into adulthood.

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