Benefits of Teeth Whitening

benefits of teeth whitening

Whether you have optimal oral health and hygiene or you are considering ways to improve the situation, you may also determine that you would like some cosmetic dentistry, as well. At Sana Dental in Edmonton, AB, we offer many forms of cosmetic dentistry, including teeth whitening. Though it may be seen purely as an esthetic […]

Dental Emergency Overview

dental emergency

At Sana Dental in Edmonton, AB, we tell our patients that one of the best ways to handle any dental emergency is to know how best to avoid such situations. For example, creating some hard and fast rules for using your teeth can cut back on damage or the need for emergency dental care. As […]

Benefits of Dentures

benefits of dentures

If there is any upside to the loss of natural, adult teeth it is that dentures are an option for treatment. A long-standing approach to restorative dentistry, they are custom-made to the patient’s needs, and can include partials or full dental plates. Because some outdated ideas about dentures still exist, we encourage our patients at […]

Benefits of Dental Implants

benefits of dental implants

Adult tooth loss is an issue that millions face, and whether due to disease, decay, injury or aging, it can trigger a chain reaction of harmful events in the teeth, gums, and even the jaw. This is why the team at Sana Dental in Edmonton, AB encourages our patients to take a bit of time […]

Benefits of Root Canals

benefits of root canals

Perhaps no dental treatment is so misunderstood as the root canal. Though we are going to briefly look at the many benefits of root canals, we should also point out one significant truth about them first. What is that truth? They are no more complex or uncomfortable than the average dental filling. Yet, their benefits […]