Epigenetic Orthodontics

Epigenetic Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that is dedicated to providing patients with non-surgical means to correct any irregularity in the appearance of their facial symmetry, alter and correct improper bite, and narrow palates of the mouth.

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Adult Epigenetic Orthodontics

At Sana Dental in Edmonton, AB, we have a different approach to your traditional orthodontic treatment. Instead of starting with braces, we actually begin our adult orthodontic treatment by examining your jaw development. In around 80% of the modern population, people have an underdeveloped midface and upper jaw. Due to the biological drive for teeth to couple for proper chewing, the lower jaw also becomes underdeveloped. This lack of development creates problems in children during the ages of 6 through 14 when the face is growing rapidly. As a result, growth patterns are interrupted and cause misaligned, gapped, crooked, and crowded teeth. With our epigenetic approach, we begin our treatment with positive orthopedic changes to begin correcting the craniological problems, not just the teeth.

Epigenetics Explained

Epigenetics is simply the study of the different changes that occur in organisms due to modifications of gene expression. From an epigenetic perspective, jaws, teeth, and facial bones don’t have a pre-determined growth pattern. Instead, they are driven by the influence and stimulation of functional patterns occurring in your mouth like breathing, chewing and swallowing. If corruption occurs to these functional patterns, the jaw and facial growth can lead to problems like crowded teeth, underdeveloped jaws, and malocclusion. As a result, patients experience breathing problems, sleep apnea, TMJ disorders as well as unaesthetic teeth. The goal of epigenetic orthodontics is to put your jaw and facial growth back on its original blueprint to give you a perfectly functioning mouth and beautiful smile. This approach can be used in children to prevent them from wearing braces altogether and in adults to correct their jaws and straighten their teeth.

The growth guidance orthopedic treatment we provide stimulate 3 dimensional correction to the face and jaws. Note the asymmetry in the left picture and compare to the balance and harmony in the face after 7 months of facial orthopedics.

Improvements with Epigenetic Orthodontics

Not only are epigenetic orthodontics great for straightening your teeth, but they provide lots of different improvements in other areas. Epigenetic orthodontics can help you have a more proportionate face which you might find to be more attractive. When we help your face develop in a forward and horizontal direction, it can improve the appearance of the nose, eyes, cheekbones and lower jawline.

In addition to helping you look better, epigenetic orthodontics may also help you breath better. By correcting your jaw development, this can open up your airway more which can eliminate sleep breathing problems like sleep apnea. It can also improve your breathing during daytime activities as well.

Remodeling your jaws may also result in improved TMJ problems as well as less neck and head pain. Once balance is restored in your jaw, you can experience these benefits.

Phase 1: Special Orthodontics

The first phase of your epigenetic orthodontics starts with a consultation with our dentist. He will examine your mouth and take x-rays to determine the best treatment plan for your individual mouth. We start your treatment by using special appliances to align your jaw properly.

Phase 2: Growth Guidance Appliance

Once your jaw is aligned properly, we begin using a growth guidance appliance to create room for crowded teeth, airways, joints, muscles and more. This phase moves your jaw horizontally and stimulates growth if needed. During this phase is where we achieve results that relieve pain, improve facial aesthetics and proportions and breathing.

Phase 3: Braces

We move into the last phase after proper facial proportions and jaw alignment are achieved. During this phase, we use braces to straighten your teeth into their ideal position.

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When it comes to treating a TMJ disorder, or any other medical or dental issue, the less invasive the treatment the better. After all, “first do no harm” is part of the Hippocratic Oath. That’s why we’d like to remind you that the information presented here should not be considered medical advice. To make sure you get the best care for your jaw joint problems, please seek advice from your physician or dentist.

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