What is Root Canal Therapy?

what is root canal therapy

When your dentist says “Root Canal,” you shouldn’t feel like you need to wince at the thought of pain. Root canal therapy is a common procedure done in dental offices and can actually restore your tooth back to health so that it doesn’t need to be extracted. At Sana Dental, we offer root canal therapy […]

Benefits of Root Canals

benefits of root canals

Perhaps no dental treatment is so misunderstood as the root canal. Though we are going to briefly look at the many benefits of root canals, we should also point out one significant truth about them first. What is that truth? They are no more complex or uncomfortable than the average dental filling. Yet, their benefits […]

Root Canals Overview

root canals

Root canals have a really bad reputation amongst dental patients, and that is unfortunate. The trouble is that there is so much misinformation regarding this helpful procedure. People will tell you that root canals are horribly painful, and that you will need a lot of time to recover, and that you will lose the tooth […]