Missing teeth are unsightly, and they also make it very difficult for you to chew properly. This means that you might not want to smile, and it also means that you will be unable to eat certain foods. That does not add up to a great quality of life, does it? Another problem with missing teeth is that your facial muscles can start sagging, and make you look old before your time. Additionally, the teeth that remain will begin to move toward the gaps, and this can result in a bad bite and a greater potential for decay.  Dentures can give you back your smile and functionality.

Why Dentures?

You will no doubt want to replace your missing teeth in some way. You could go with dental implants, but your insurance company is not likely to cover them. A removable bridge is another option, if you are only missing a few teeth. You could also consider a fixed bridge. Dentures, however, have been a tried and true, as well as a cost-effective, means of dealing with missing teeth for decades.

Today’s dentures are nothing like those that your grandparents (or perhaps your parents) wore. Modern methods of imaging and construction mean that you can have a set of dentures made that will not slip or slide, so you never have to worry about being embarrassed, and you will be able to enjoy your favorite foods.

Types of Dentures

If you still have several teeth remaining, you could consider a partial denture or an overdenture. If you have lost all or most of your teeth, or if you think that you will lose more teeth in the near future, then you might choose to have the remaining teeth taken out and go with a full denture. Permanent, implant-supported dentures are also possible. Your Edmonton dentist can advise you as to the best choice.

Caring for Your Dentures

Dentures do require some special care – you will need to remove them at night, and clean them. Dentures require a bit of special care in that they have to be taken out at night and cleaned using a special solution. If dropped, dentures can break, so place them on a soft surface when cleaning them.

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