We don’t often think about the joints in the body, until something goes wrong and they give us pain and difficulty moving. Nowhere is this truer than with the TMJ. This is the temporomandibular jaw joint, which is the largest in the head and which is incredibly strong and flexible. It moves in most directions and has immense crushing force, yet it can develop a disorder known as TMJ or TMD (temporomandibular disorder). Fortunately, patients of Sana Dental in Edmonton, AB can obtain TMJ treatment.

The Signs of TMJ or TMD

If you are struggling with pain in your jaw, head, face or neck, and you have symptoms that include:

  • Sounds when using the jaws, such as popping or clicking
  • Painful or difficult chewing
  • Bouts of jaw locking or severe stiffness
  • Ringing or pain in your ears
  • Dental wear and morning pain from nighttime grinding

It is quite likely you have TMD. Though its origins are a bit mysterious and experts can only guess that it is due to misalignment in the jaws that is further irritated by other issues (stress, trauma and other issues are blamed), there is effective TMJ Treatment.

As your dentist in Edmonton, we will provide TMJ treatment after we do a basic assessment of your overall oral health. Once we know if there are no other issues creating the pain, discomfort of symptoms, we can then discuss the treatment options available. One of the most common is the use of an oral appliance worn at night. It aligns the jaws properly, stops grinding and slowly reduces the strain on the joint, ending pain and symptoms.

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