What Do I Do During a Dental Emergency?

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A dental emergency can mean anything from a tooth being knocked out to a sudden toothache. However, if you cannot eat or speak without pain, any sort of dental pain should be considered an emergency. While you seek an appointment with your emergency dentist, there are some things you can do in a dental emergency to protect your teeth and gums.

Rule of Thumb

A good rule of thumb to remember for any type of dental emergency is to leave the tooth that is pain alone. Do not eat or touch it too much. As long as it is in place in its socket, leave it alone till you get to your dentist.

What If My Tooth Is Knocked Out?

If you have knocked a tooth out of your mouth, pick it up carefully, avoiding the root if you can. You can either place the tooth in a cup of milk to bring to the dentist, or try to re-insert it into the socket. If it slips right into place, bite down gently to hold it into place and come to your emergency dentist.

Chipped Teeth and Toothaches

Chipped teeth and toothaches are two very common dental emergencies. In the event of a chipped tooth, there is not much you need to do. Simply leave the tooth alone and see your dentist. The same goes for a toothache. The biggest concern with these two dental emergencies is that you see a dentist as soon as they occur.

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