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Edmonton Dentist Dr. Pavlenko:

“We’re proud of the unique environment we’re able to provide to our clients…”
In 2014, Dr. Alex Pavlenko, dentist Edmonton and his team did a full renovation of their dental office in Edmonton , improving everything from the general decor of the practice, to the feel of the examination rooms.

As Dr. Pavlenko puts it, “We wanted the space to really reflect who we are and the things that are important to us. Not just in dentistry, but in every day life as well”.

Some of the major features of the practice include bright colors throughout the space, representing health and beauty, examination rooms that are both welcoming and private, as well as a warm and cozy waiting area with a fireplace for our guests.

We are happy and proud to share the space with you, take a virtual tour of our practice by clicking on the right!

Patient Stories

VIDEO PEARL’S STORY: “Physiological complete dentures and implants helped to get rid of migraine headaches and dramatically improve function and facial aesthetic.” -Edmonton Dentist Dr. Pavlenko @ Sana Dental.”

VIDEO LISA GROUND'S STORY: “Lisa Ground was unhappy with her overall smile and appearance. She has completed aesthetic porcelain reconstruction and is extremely happy with the changes it has made. She has had great success and has gone on to become the Mrs. North America Globe Classic 2015 winner.”

VIDEO WILLIE FRIESEN'S STORY: “Willlie suffered with severe TMJ issues and he has been successfully recieving treatment to help correct these concerns. He has been wearing a physiological fixed mouth appliance to help with his jaw and he also recieved reconstruction on his upper teeth with the placement of implants and cosmetic porcelain restorations.”

Why Sana Dental?

Healthy eating, regular exercise, a solid support network of friends and family, and a smart balance between work and leisure can all contribute to a longer, healthier life. What’s missing in this list? Oral health care. Many people don’t realize just how much their oral health contributes to their general health…


Meet The Doctor

While I have been a dental professional for over 30 years, you are the expert when it comes to your health. That’s why listening to your concerns and ensuring your questions are answered is very important to me. In order to be an active participant in your oral health, you must understand the treatment you are receiving …


Meet The Team

Our philosophy is “Treat others the way you like to be treated.” Before commencing any treatment, we ensure our patient understands the treatment and what is involved. The Sana Dental Team is committed to a lifelong continuing education and providing you with a positive dental treatment experience in Edmonton.


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