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Dr. Alex Pavlenko: “We know that your satisfaction is based upon more than just the quality of dental work. We are all committed to providing you with a positive dental treatment experience, whether you are looking for Cosmetic Dental Treatments, TMJ Care, Sleep Disorder Options, General Dentistry or Dental Implants in Edmonton.

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About Sana Dental in Edmonton

“We’re proud of the unique environment we’re able to provide to our clients…”
In 2014, Dr. Alex Pavlenko, dentist Edmonton and his team did a full renovation of their dental office in Edmonton , improving everything from the general decor of the practice, to the feel of the examination rooms. As Dr. Pavlenko puts it, “We wanted the space to really reflect who we are and the things that are important to us. Not just in dentistry, but in every day life as well”. Some of the major features of the practice include bright colors throughout the space, representing health and beauty, examination rooms that are both welcoming and private, as well as a warm and cozy waiting area with a fireplace for our guests.

We are happy and proud to share the space with you, take a virtual tour of our practice by clicking on the right!

We Focus on the Big Picture

  • dental hygiene

    Keep Your Teeth & Gums Healthy

    From early childhood through your senior years, it’s important to practice good dental hygiene habits. Why? Beyond the obvious of keeping bad breath and tooth staining at bay, a good oral hygiene regime can help protect you against disease and infection.

  • cosmetic dentistry edmonton

    Keep Your Teeth Looking Beautiful

    Most of us have body parts we wish we could replace. Straighter hair, longer legs, a smaller nose – the list could go on and on – and we’re going to guess unattractive teeth are close to the top of that list.

  • tooth pain edmonton

    Relieve Your Pain

    A emergency is defined as a situation that poses immediate risk to health, life, or property. Just like in any other emergency, in a dental emergency, it’s important to get immediate help to prevent the situation from getting worse.

  • sleep apnea edmonton

    Sleep Better With Sleep Apnea Treatment

    Sleep apnea is a breathing related sleep disorder that can cause chronic fatigue during the day. It is is also associated with a number of other problems, such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is the traditional method used to treat sleep apnea.

Sana Dental Dr pavlenko

Meet the Doctor

mee the doctor

The ‘Platinum Rule’ says to “Treat others the way they like to be treated”. Dr. Pavlenko carries that philosophy into his Edmonton dental practice, Sana Dental. Listening to his patients’ concerns and ensuring their questions are answered is important to Dr. Pavlenko. Before commencing any treatment, he ensures his patients understand the treatment and what is involved. In a busy life schedule, he tries to find time to fish, ski, read books, travel and just simply spend time with his family.

Real Patient Stories

patient stories dr. pavlenko
Get a first hand account of some of the cases that Sana Dental has worked on

Real Patient Stories

patient stories dr. pavlenko
Get a first hand account of some of the cases that Sana Dental has worked on

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